Screams That Can’t Be Heard

time festered in the crevices of our skin. we touched the bottom. to see how deep it was. stunned to discover how eager it was to drown us.

we counted the pebbles as the tide negotiated our desperation.

the day was loud. the distance deaf. as we chased a horizon that was always ahead of us.

there’s no memory that burrows as deeply. there’s no clock that chimes as sharply as loss.

we fester in the evolution of touch. naked dolls. our stained clothes discarded.

we steal the lipstick from time’s vanity case. determined to be beautiful to someone no matter the cost.

as we struggle for truth we learn that everything is pencil marks. the ink evaporates.

we collapse under the weight of expectation. the broken needles still dancing in our veins.

the world shouts. hope is only a whisper.

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