Taut Tethers

we wore our lives in inky daggers. seduced by the delicate deceptions of our hunger. alive by curiosity. subsumed by loss. resenting all the scavenged coins weighing down our pockets.

we might run wild. naked children in the fist of freedom. but grief’s umbilical cord cannot be severed.

the wind might listen sometimes. but it quickly forgets. the rain may spend its needles to mend the tears in our skin. but those are temporary cures for a disease that continues to persist.

we climb in our softest slippers. toward the looming apex. orphans in a lingering apocalypse.

telling our stories in the scars that remain. long after the world has ended.

The Taciturn Savior

we sipped our ugly. hot tea scalding every word. our stuttering gods still silent.

the sum divided. a vicious conjunction. animals in cages made from our own flesh.

magicians with empty top hats.

the structure swayed. unrelenting angles. in the vanity of our wanting.

proximity discarded our names. our voices crumbled. time forgot.

we chewed on our grief. overwhelmed by its depths. eager to drown.

De-evolution is Real

The concept of de-evolution is not new. However, it’s been explored and dismissed from mostly biased perspectives.

If we simplify. Drill it down to its bare essence. Evolution is the stronger of a species passing on their genetic material to the next generation. While the weaker ones are unable to do so.

In competition to mate, the stronger and more cunning animals are able to produce offspring. These offspring now have the genetic profile of their triumphant parents. While the weaker of the species fail to mate and do not produce offspring. Their less desirable genetics are eliminated from the next generation. While the traits of the stronger are passed onto their offspring. Over time this results in superior generations to come.

And on the process continues and repeats. Resulting in a so called evolution of sorts. Generation after generation grow stronger because of this process.

Not that long ago this process applied to humans as well. But over time our advancements have changed that.

Humans have eliminated this natural selection. Any and all humans are able to pass on their genetic code to the next generation of humans.

We built a society in which all can survive, mate and have children. Wonderful in theory, but a failure in practicality.

The infirmed, the feeble, the intellectually inferior alike, are all equally able to create offspring that share their weaknesses. Even exacerbate them.

Even those that nature has prohibited from making offspring can still have children now. Thanks to in vitro.

We’ve built a world where all our genetic flaws are reproduced again and again.

The process of natural selection has been completely eliminated. We’re basically just monkeys with smart phones.

This is how human progress has actually reversed human evolution.

If you need proof, just look at the current state of the world.

Primitive Potency

we slept in the weighted canopies of god. determined to believe in what could never be.

choking on the dense faiths of our past. monkeys in the masks of men.

we built our world from twigs and arrogance. salesmen searching for an exception to reality.

we spent the animals. we drained the ark. insolent Noah’s in a flood without an end.

Neanderthals seduced by fairy tales. desperate to rule a world that was never really ours.

Playing with Dead Things

we wore the plane. in the remarkable dimensions of three. we choked down the axis. letting its rust stain our dialogue.

the narrow angles sold us by degrees.

we simmered in the fever of consent. long ropes collecting too many knots.

indebted to the smallest touch.

thieves with bells around our necks.

the taste of time going sour. as we continued counting the remains of our grief.

monsters with broken claws.

sharpening their teeth.

The Algorithms of Skin

the miles spent us in shrinking stories. the furtive oblivions we once called shame.

we asked the questions with razors under our tongues.

we listened to the answers with fire in our ears.

the silence was rigid as we waited for something change. our patience betrayed us as we sipped on grief’s labor.

the flow of want built its tunnels under our skin. swaying bridges. too tempting not to cross. deep ravines to swallow our fall.

Lies of the Flag

we left the road. searching for another path. we were carrying our little locks. looking for their keys. our cold beds wincing as we tried to sleep. with the world outside our bedroom still waiting for us to ask.

where we are. where we’re going. how we’re supposed to get there.

there were so many monsters. eventually we forgot to fear them.

there was so much blood. over time, it meant nothing.

there were so many choices. until there were none.

history warned, but we didn’t listen.

the prison was built so slowly. that we failed to see our cages.

Just Desserts

ragged corners struggle against the weight of why. nervous numbers murmur their questions. from shaking bridges we look down. to see the fragility of our progress.

so many cuts. little dolls. more stitches than fabric.

from the beginning to the very end. wanting, but too afraid to ask.

boulders in a vacuum. resenting gravity.

the sharper angles confound. we fiddle with the math. sulking thieves. thwarted by our own arrogance.

we carry that distance with us long after we’ve finally arrived.

the taste of your regret sweetens over time.

Sunk Cost

the paper creases. the words distort. we solve for strangers in an epiphany of lost.

the lines seek their convocation. convinced by the repetition. we hunt the patterns. seduced by the symmetry. tugging on our zippers. until naked is all we are.

strangled by the geometry. caged by the numbers. thieves pointing guns without any ammunition.

the table collapses. the body embraces our fictions. dismissing all the little puzzles we pretend to solve.

flesh turns on fractions. love chews on the decimals.

as if there is an answer.

I am only the words that I manipulate. I am only the lies that I’ve told you.

Measuring Minutes

it’s fragile and knotted this slender thread that slithers through our skin. connecting the voids that sneak between us.

it’s quiet when we look at each other. letting the words devour our choices. time travels sharply on the axis of our desire. a curious pivot. a jagged map. too loud to dismiss. too earnest to trust.

our bodies soft and dense like supple clay. every touch altering the structure.

we’re primitive. animals in cages of our own construct. magnificent thieves with nothing left to steal.

time is a villain. hope is a weakness.

it’s loud when we want. it’s deafening when we need.

the years bite down. we tease the math. monkeys in suits and gowns. dancing to music long since stopped.

we laugh as our candy houses collapse.

the distance thoughtlessly swallows us. as we consent to the fairy tale.